I Love To Listen Day 2022

Who: You are invited to a Listening Party if you are 18 or older and you
love listening and being listened to!

Where: On zoom. Pre-registration required. Sign up now because space
is limited.

When: May 16, 2022 at different times throughout the day. For a list of
Listening Party times and the zoom registration link for each one please

Why: We want to increase the amount of love and listening in ourselves
and the world and have fun.

What happens at a Listening Party?
The main activity of a Listening Party happens during the Listening
Partnership time.
In a Listening Partnership two people are paired in a breakout room to
take equal turns speaking and listening to each other.

Why do a Listening Partnership?
A Listening Partnership is an affirming and validating experience.
The foundations of a Listening Partnership are full presence, mutual
respect, warmth and openness. That’s why they feel so good!
On I Love to Listen Day the topic will be “Loving through Listening” and
the poem “Today I Will Listen” will be read to set the tone and start the

Here is an example of the flow of a 30-minute party:

Welcome -10 minutes

A short slideshow will be shown while the host gives clear instructions
for the Listening Partnerships.

Listening Partnerships – 15 minutes

Everyone will be automatically paired into breakout rooms where the
Listening Partnerships take place.

Sharing in writing – 5 minutes

Back in the main meeting, everyone shares words and phrases about
love and listening by writing them in the chat. What everyone shares will
be turned into a co-created collective poem.

1. Opening – 2 minutes – This is time for saying hello, informal
introductions and deciding who will go first based on whose name
comes first in alphabetical order.

2. First person shares – 5 minutes – The topic is love and listening
and the person sharing receives undivided attention and listening,
whichever kind they ask for, from the listener.

3. Second person shares – 5 minutes – The roles switch and
everything else remains the same.

4. Closing – 2 minutes – Another time for informal conversation,
gratitude and saying goodbye.

For more information about Listening Partnerships and how they happen
beyond Listening Parties, please visit Mekorah Institute’s Listening
Partnerships Network at
To attend a Listening Party please send an email to
and you will receive a list of the times that Listening Parties will be
happening and the links you need to register for them.
Looking forward to seeing you, and hearing you, at a Listening Party!