Together, we can Embrace
unique communication styles


Together, we can Embrace
unique communication styles

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We see a world where people listen and respect each other’s differences and are connected through direct, purposeful, and profound communication.​


To create a better everyday life for anyone who faces challenges during communicating and helping them to become more confident, empathetic, and patient human beings.

We wish to nurture our teachers, parents, and elders to welcome candid dialogue in classrooms and families by awareness campaigns that challenge cultural norms like hierarchy, promote difficult conversations and ask critical questions.

What we do ?


Workshops on Public speaking, stage fear, confidence building, sign language and body language.

Advocacy campaigns

Advocacy campaigns by podcasts, interviews and shows to raise the issue of visibility of people with speech disabilities in media, cinema, music and art.

Awareness programs

Awareness by flash mobs, street plays and have people with speech disabilities as announcers  in metro, host in award shows and commentators in sports matches


We will demonstrate self-humor through activities like stand-up comedy, rapping and street plays. Occasionally, we will invite successful personalities with speech disabilities to inspire our participants.

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