DEI Consultancy Services

Customized Strategies for Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility.

With 15% of the world population facing certain form of disability (WHO data), it is of utmost importance for workplaces to be more inclusive. We at ssstart help guide organizations, both profit and non-profit, develop and implement inclusive policies and practices focusing on disability, inclusion, accessibility and fostering a culture that supports equity and neuro-diversity.

With the world being more and more interconnected diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) has become more important than ever. We believe companies should not struggle and fail to achieve inclusive cultures due to lack of proper guidance and plan.

Hence our DEI consultancy service is designed in a manner which takes care of your custom requirement, implementation and regular check-ins to access progress and adjustments accordingly.

Benefits of Booking DEI Consultancy with Us

Customized plan according to your workplace requirements

Strategizing and consulting on the implementation of the plan

Monthly or quarterly check-ins to assess DEI progress

Adjustments as necessary to ensure effective implementation

Who Can Benefit from Our DEI Consultancy Service?

leader DEI benefits

Organizational leaders who want to foster an inclusive and diverse work environment

HR dei benefits

Human Resources departments tasked with implementing DEI initiatives and programs

manager dei benefits

Managers and team leaders who need to lead diverse teams effectively

non profit dei benefits

Non-profit organizations working with marginalized communities or seeking to promote diversity within their own teams

education dei benefits

Educational institutes aiming to foster an inclusive environment for students and staff from diverse backgrounds

What Can You Expect

More inclusive workplace

Reduced attrition rates

Increased participation

Being a preferred employer

Improved representation metrics

Improved collaboration within diverse global teams

Our Key Achievements

✌️ Conducted 20+ DEI workshops impacting 500+ individuals

✌️ Collaborated with 10+ international organizations to create tailored IDEA strategies

✌️ Improved representation metrics by 25% on average in client organizations

✌️ Authored articles on Global DEI best practices, reaching more than 22,000 global followership

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