Flash Coaching

Quick and Focused DEI Advice in 15-Minute Sessions

What is Flash Coaching?

Welcome to our unique Flash Coaching service, where we offer quick, accessible, and impactful DEI advice to help you navigate specific challenges. Our 15-minute DEI coaching sessions are designed to provide targeted guidance and solutions, making it the perfect solution for busy professionals, small businesses, and non-profits who seek expert support without committing to a full consulting package or ongoing workshops. Let us be your trusted partners in fostering a more inclusive and equitable environment.

Benefits of Flash Coaching on DEI

Short and focused 15-minute sessions, addressing one issue at a time

Convenient online coaching/consulting from anywhere in the world

Proven and tested processes to facilitate effective and impactful sessions

Flexible scheduling, book sessions as per your requirement

Cost-effective coaching program with a high return on investment

Our Key Achievements

Our dedication to driving positive change and promoting diversity has resulted in significant achievements

☑️ Conducted 20+ DEI workshops impacting 500+ individuals

☑️ Collaborated with 10+ international organizations to create tailored IDEA strategies

☑️ Improved representation metrics by 25% on average in client organizations

☑️ Authored articles on Global DEI best practices, reaching more than 22,000 global followership

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